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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Another Snow Day. Upcoming X Rays and we fly away soon

School is closed again! The snow days are piling up lately. It is almost Spring yet we are having a Nor'Easter. Oh yay. We are editing for YouTube today, doing some laundry and I am tagging clothes for work.

Brendan is all into YouTube lately and wants to make a new video later today so stay tuned. (See previous post)

Life is never NOT busy. I have to bring Brendan for x rays, again! I always bring him for x rays right before his ortho appointment and never have a problem. Well everything didn't go our way that day last month. I made an afternoon appointment so he wouldn't miss school and it took forever to get the little kids dropped off at our work and to drive to the city. It literally took 30 minutes to find a parking spot in the most annoying parking garage and we only took his walker so that took another 15 minutes to get inside. The place was packed with people. I have never waited so long to just check in. His appointment time was approaching and I had a feeling we were the last appointment of the day so I called to let them know we were running late. Well they told us to skip x rays and come to the appointment. I was a little aggrevated because I only made the appointment to check on his hips and ask about his knee. I asked how long the wait would be to get his x rays done and they said 45 minutes. I explained the issue but they didn't bump us up. We waited another 15 minutes just in case but had to leave because I really wanted to ask about his knee pain. It was such a process and ended up being pointless. I was beyond annoyed. The doctor's office moved over a year ago so now we have to walk back to the car and drive 6 whole minutes away to another office. By this point his knee was killing him and of course he walked horribly for the othro. Always awesome. His doctor now wants x rays of his knee as well so instead of just waiting another few months to check on his hips we have to go back next week. I am going to try and get the x rays done this Friday and his appointment is next wednesday, just a few days before we leave for Texas.

I am hoping it is only tendonitis and he will be okay to have intese therapy for a week. I will be sad if the doctor says we shouldn't go. We have been taking it easy on him so it can heal. I read that if you don't take care of it the pain can last a very long time.

Life is never dull around here. If all goes well we fly out the following Sunday and leave my husband home with 4 kids. It should be done snowing by then! At least it will be warm in Texas.

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