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Friday, March 17, 2017

I am exhausted. Crazy busy days lately

Life is becoming so hectic. The kids are involved in activites and we are constantly running around. Yesterday was our Wedding Anniversary but we didn't even get to celebrate. I am pretty sure one day we will be bored out of our minds!

Here is a look into one of our extremely busy days with our 5 kid life:

Alarms start going off at 6AM
Brendan sets his own alarm with Alexa and we hear him yelling at Alexa to SHUT OFF ALARM!
We finally crawl out of bed at 6:30 AM
12 year old gets herself up and ready all on her own, thank goodness.
Husband gets Brendan dressed while I brew coffee (very important), prepare school snacks, make lunches for 3 of us and get breakfast ready
I prepped dinner before even sipping on my coffee (Corned Beef for St. Patrick's Day for the very 1st time)
One of us wakes up 9 year old at 7am
Put Bren on bus at 7:12am because it is still so cold out! When it warms up we just send him down the ramp and he waits on his own.
Get little kids up, dressed and fed
We get ourselves ready for the day. Finally. We shower opposite days so one of us can do whatever else needs to be done.
Drop off 9 year old at school (usually my husband because I am never ready!)
I dropped off 4 year old at preschool and my husband took the 2 year old to work (we alternate drop off)
I then went to store to grab 2 year old Almond milk then to the Post Office and then to work
I worked until 12:45 and grabbed 4 year old from preschool (with 2 year old)
I stopped and bought expensive coffee because I knew I needed it today and didn't want to wait until 5:15 for mine! little kids benefited and got kiddie coolatas so they were happy! POINTS FOR MOM
I went home to finish dinner prep and make angel food cake for our Anniversary
I cleaned up house, unloaded and reloaded dishwasher and who knows what else (I have zero memory these days)
Got Brendan off the bus at 2:15pm
Got him settled with snack and took him to the bathroom
2:45pm 12 year old gets home but she can take care of herself
I get Brendan and myself ready for therapy
Therapy ran late and we got out at 4:45pm
We fly home to get dinner on the table
husband arrives home at 5:15pm
Eat fast and finish jello dessert the kids made for St. Patrick's Day
Everyone runs off to get ready for cheer/concert
Husband drops 12 year old off at a school for cheer practice
Husband drops 9 year old off at a different school to practice for strings concert
husband comes home and picks the rest of us up to go watch violin concert
I Stay until 8:30 watching concert (husand had to leave at 8:10 to pick up 12 year old from Cheer)
Go home and get two little kids to bed
Get Bren showered and ready for bed

Finally sit down at nearly 9pm (pretty sure we had to pick up some toys first and make a Captain and Coke!)

Definitely felt the exhaustion from that day the moment I sat down but my husband reminded me we did it all without a hitch. We are an awesome team.

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Sheila said...

Wow! I'm exhausted just reading this! You really are a great team!