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Friday, March 10, 2017

Snow Day

10 Days until Spring and the kids have a snow day. It isn't the best timing because I just realized last night that Brendan's medicaid packet was due TODAY. I have definitely procrastinated before and have driven out there to hand deliver it which takes 40 minutes one way. They actually time stamp it upon arrival. Well now I am home with 5 kids. Not sure that will happen. I may have to call and ask if I can mail it today. I also needed to go to work to make copies of all his insurance cards for the packet. Of course today it snows!!!

Brendan has matured over the last few years. Snow days usually put him over the edge. Now he was a bit off on Thursday and wild for therapy. He wasn't the most cooperative and was a little crazy but any disruption to routine can cause any sort of behavior change. He used to get very upset and angry. He handles it much better this year. I had to call him from my bed at 5:30am to let him know school cancelled. He was already awake talking to his Alexa waiting for me to tell him. He told me he couldn't go back to sleep and listened to music. We were able to sleep until 8:15 am..... amazing!!! The little kids slept in. They never actually sleep in when we can. They were tricked because it was supposed to be a school day hahah!! It was great.

I should make a few phone calls today. I need to call axiobionics and Restorative Therapies.

There is a bike connected with estim that I think would really benefit Brendan. I was talking to his PT on Thursday about how he can not stand straight with his right leg anymore. His knee will not straighten. Now I was concerned because he had SPML a few months ago and I just couldn't understand why he can not stand tall. The PT told me since we can straighten his legs while sitting (which is actually harder to do and should cause him more pain which it doesn't) this means that it is all due to muscle weakness. He is actually having a hard time getting his right quad to activate causing weakness that we can't really improve. So he suggested Estim. Finally someoneon the same page as me. I have always wanted to try estim with Brendan and have always gotten the runaround. I am thrilled. The bike will be a process to get and Derek isn't thrilled with adding something this size into the house BUT this would be great for him to use all Winter long. I will share a video too.

Axiobionics makes a different style of braces. Not the typical AFO style. Brendan's entire right side is worse off and it really hinders him. It is frustrating because he seems so strong but once you hold back on the left side he can't do much. It is that weak! I feel he needs more assistance on that side to help him achieve higher goals. I have been procrastinating big time calling these companies so today is the day!

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