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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Brendan is getting so strong

I wish his right side was as strong as his left. His left side amazes me. He would be very well off right now if it wasn't for his entire right side dragging him down.

Derek and I work him out 3 x a week and tonight was one of those nights. I had him basically leg press me. I weigh 114lbs and was pushing back and he would push me right off. I would try with all my might to push back towards him and a few times I could not! I was impressed. We will have to get a video. We usually have him use the total gym but we switched it up. I am pretty sure the total gym has really helped him gain strength.

We had him walk for 5 minutes to see how his knee reacted. He said it only hurt a little and only while he walked. He didn't want ice or advil.

Lately he has been going on the floor in his knee immobilizers without any fight. Maybe because we have been doing it multiple times a week and it has become routine and I never take no for an answer. I am not sure but I love that he just wheels over and completely cooperates. I set his laptop up for him and he handles it for an hour.

We are trying to find something fun for him to drive this Spring and Summer but he has outgrown most things. He has been begging me for this certain jeep. I haven't been able to say yes yet due to a few reasons.
We have nowhere to store it.
It is huge and pretty sure it will destroy the yard.
We aren't good with engines and have zero mechanical abilities.

It is so hard to say no. He has the biggest smile whenever he talks about it. He has always been obsessed with driving and like I said he has outgrown everything.

We tried the power wheels go cart recently and he is huge. Way too big. :(

This is the Jeep ATV he wants so badly!

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