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Sunday, March 19, 2017

T Minus 7 Days

We leave for Texas in just one week. Let's lay on the mommy guilt! I feel so bad for leaving the family. My husband has to be a single dad for 4 kids and run our business all on his own. I am not sure I could even handle all of that! I am off without the baby this time so it will be pretty easy for me.
I really hope that this therapy session will be beneficial. I hope he can work even with his knee bothering him. I hope that we makes some progress. I know he is so weak from surgery and the alcohol blocks and that scares me. I don't want this to be for nothing. Part of me wonders if he will continue to improve or if he will stay the same and then I see facebook posts about children walking in their canes 5 years post SDR. Then I remind myself to never give up, never think he will stay where he is at. It is difficult becuase he is growing like a weed right now which definitely inhibits his progress.
Brendan got his x rays done yesterday and we see his orthopedic on Wednesday. We will hopefully see that his knee is doing better. Fingers crossed.

So here we go for another adventure. Brendan can't wait to video everything. We are possibly getting him his go pro he has been asking for. He loves making youtube videos and it is great recording the kids and our adventures. One day they will be all grown up on us. It is going by fast and I still can't believe he is already 14 years old.

If you or your child is pre or post SDR this trainer is one the best. He really has a gift and can bring out that confidence in your child. He can ge them to do things in just a few days that you have been working for years on. Check out Walk This Way USA

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Sheila said...

Good luck! Fingers crossed that all goes well!