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Monday, March 27, 2017

We made it!

We finally made it to our room around 7:30 pm. It was a long day of traveling. We left the house at 8:45 am so we were exhausted by the time we got settled. We had a connecting flight but all went well. Brendan is an awesome traveler but he was really hyper all day long. He talks to everyone and he has zero social filter so he yells across rooms saying hello and asking questions. Honestly it can be embarrassing and he refuses to listen to me when I ask him to stop talking to everyone under the sun. Everyone was beyond nice though. They moved our seats on the first fight to the row right behind first class which has lots of leg room and our seat neighbor was amazing! He was so patient and kind and answered all of Brendan's questions. Brendan actually had great questions. He has improved in his conversations and asked questions based on the gentleman's last answer. I was really proud of him. He never even asked the same questions twice! One thing that I noticed is now that he is older everyone listens to him and NOT to me. He kept requesting to sit in the very back of the plane on the 2nd leg and they actually listened to him and switched our seats. This was after I said were fine being in row 18. Normally they move us up to the front of the plane but let me tell you NC listens to Brendan. Besides walking him down the entire plane it was actually fabulous being in the last row and having no one sit with us. He made me sit on the aisle so he could 'sit by himself'. He wouldn't stop talking to the flight attendants but they were all super sweet and kept giving him free snacks and drinks. I also got a free adult drink which was awesome. I needed one on this leg of the trip!

Everyone was very helpful again. American Airlines was great and is right up there with Delta! United is still a no go for me. I had many people offer to me help which I almost always refused. The airlines actually send someone to assist you off the plane which can be very helpful. It is hard to push him in his chair along with his walker up the ramp to the airport so I love when someone helps us do that. NC was a little too helpful and someone came with us everywhere even after I said we were all set. She came to the bathroom, to get some food and all the way to the next gate. I guess it was helpful but I always feel so awkward. I am used to doing it all myself.

We went with Dollar rental this time and Brendan got to pick his vehicle. He loves this part and he had 5 different choices. He picked a KIA (I think because someone he watches on youtube has one) and it is pretty nice. It fits everything with the back seats down.

We have been hanging out today waiting for therapy. We chose this hotel because there was an awesome employee here the last time we came but he no longer works here, unfortunately. He was awesome with Brendan. So far everyone has been nice and all make an effort to listen and talk to him.

Wish us luck with therapy! I am so nervous this time. He is still weak from SPML. His right arm has healed and he doesn't seem to favor it any longer which is great. I am glad we waited to come here because it definitely took a good 5 months before his arm healed. We actually see the doctor on Wednesday that performed the surgery so we will see what he has to say.

The family hates when we leave as do I. The girls made us a nice picture, wrote a note and left a video for us since they figured they would sleep in. I love my family.


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