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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Accomplished a lot today

It is amazing what you can accomplish when you sit down at the table and don't move for hours. I had my computer, my cell phone, paper, a big list of what to accomplish. Makayla was great as always and drew pictures, played on the computer, and played Guess Who by herself while I made a ton of phone calls.

It is easy to fall behind and put things off to another day. I seem to do better when I have a list in front of me. I like crossing things off.

One thing I need to do is call Braunability. They helped Toyota build the accessible van but when there is a problem the Toyota dealership says it isn't covered by the warrenty. This is not true and I need it sorted out before Friday. It is going in for an oil change and a recall but I also want to bring up an issue. Every time my husband drives the airbags don't work when he turns the van on. It has never happened to me but every weekend he drives and it happens. He turns off the van and turns it back on and usually the airbags turn on. It is so strange. I don't want to pay for this to be fixed. I am sure they will say this was caused due to the conversion but if Toyota works with Braunability to build these vans everything should be covered under warrenty! Why do I have to pay for anything on a brand new vehicle?

Makayla goes for her 4 year pictures tomorrow. Yes I am 5 months behind but hey she is still 4! We picked out a brand new outfit and shoes so she should look adorable.

Thursday is Brendan's neurology appointment. Let's all hope she says he still doesn't need Botox! I think he may not yet again, thanks to PERCS. Going on 15 months with no Botox injections!!!!

I just thought of a few phone calls I forgot to make. I better start another list for next week. I really need a will. I need a new orthopedic for him and I need to check on all that equipment I ordered for him! Darn 3 more phone calls. :)


Sheila said...

Productive days always feel so good! I love crossing things off a list too!

Amy said...

Yeah, I love the way I feel about myself when I get a lot accomplished in a day. I will keep my fingers crossed about Brendan not needing the Botox.

April said...

Sounds like you've been busy. Well done to you for getting all that done.