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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Already Therapy time! Exhausted and NT Scan!

It is somehow already Thursday. Another 3 hour ordeal of therapy. He is in the pool tonight which is harder for me and it takes even longer.....I can't wait! I am so exhausted all the time. I know this baby has to be a boy because I haven't stopped feeling horrible since 6 weeks. I do get a day here and there where I feel pretty good but the exhaustion never stops! This is my first pregnancy not working so I should feel great! Boys just take their toll on me. It seriously better be a boy! :) The baby measured ahead so I am technically 13 weeks. I am ready for the 2nd trimester energy to kick in...not sure it will. I never felt good with Brendan so I am starting to think this feeling won't go away until he is born. I complain so much to my poor husband but it is so hard feeling so bad with 3 kids and a house to take care of. I told him this is the LAST baby....I am so glad I will feel done! I already feel done. haha 1/3 of the way there!
I had my NT scan yesterday and everything looked great to me. I don't know the results yet. The baby was moving his arms and legs and flipping over. I loved seeing the baby move and think about how he is doing that right inside of me. I can't wait to feel the movement. Heartbeat is 159 which is great. 4-6 more weeks til the gender reveal!
I had Brendan's Parent teacher conference last night. His teacher said he is progressing which is always good. The kids love him and he is asking to walk more. He gets to walk into the typical classroom in the morning and I guess all the kids love seeing him walk in in his walker. I love his school. :) We are still struggling big time with attention issues and I know this is hugely impacting his learning. I just don't know what else to do. He is on medication and they try many tactics to help him but he is so far behind. I try not to worry and let him learn at his own pace. I am sure one day he will amaze me as he always does! I told him he can't drive unless he learns to read....I think that may have hit a nerve with him. He brought his book to me last night and said he wanted to read it. Oh ya, cars and driving will motivate this child!


Amy said...

I am so happy to see that ultrasound photo. I hope it is a boy too, just sayin'! :) Then, you guys will have a balance house...3 boys and 3 girls, right? Sounds so exciting and fun. I pray that all goes well and that the little one in the oven is not kicking you butt too much. Try to rest when you can!

Glad to hear about Brendan wanting to walk more at school. I guess the other kids motivate him. I love the way his school sounds. Wish there was one around my parts like that.

I laughed when he brought the book to you to practice reading so he can drive when he is older. Hilarious. So much a boy, huh? Hey, whatever it takes to motivate our kids, right. So glad Emma still gets motivated by stickers, jewelry, clothes, and a trip to KFC! She seems to have no interest in driving a car. I'm glad KFC is cheaper.

Sheila said...

I hope your energy level picks up soon! You sure need it with all you do! Glad to hear the baby is so active!

Malayna has struggled alot in school this year too. We just had a PPT meeting last week and they're going to order several evaluations to see if they can figure out what's going on and how best to help her. I sure hope they can figure something out because the gap between her and the other kids is growing and growing every day and we think it may be starting to take it's toll on her and cause more frustration. I sure wish she could tell me how she feels about it. It sure would make things easier! If only our kids came with instructional manuals! LOL!

April said...

This made me laugh. Boys and their toys!