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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Picture Day! I am huge!

We are leaving soon for Makayla's pictures. Her hair came out exactly how I wanted. She looks too cute! Can't wait to see how they come out.

I wrote a letter today to get her into Kindergarten. She missed the cut off by 20 days and she is so ready to start! I will most likely have to get 3 kids off to school with a newborn at home. That doesn't sound easy. I better get that baby on a feeding schedule asap.

Brendan walked three houses down and back to the pick up Makayla's friend yesterday afternoon. He looked great! I wish I had my phone and took some pictures. He pulled his right foot all the way through every step. I couldn't believe how good he looked. I just wish had more stamina. He was so tired. He almost didn't make it back all the way. I motivated him and we did make it. I can't carry him!! I just wish he could gain more leg muscle and walk all day like most kids. His right leg doesn't turn out as much either and he can walk easier.

I feel huge!! This pregnancy has made me pop instantly. I have only gained 3 1/2 pounds but I feel llike I look 6 months pregnant! I have a long way to go so I hope I am not a huge whale by the end. I escaped stretch marks with my last two babies so I hope I can do the same with this one!


Amy said...

I think you look awesome! Healthy. I am so proud of Brendan because that walking sounded awesome. He continues to do so amazingly well! What a determined kid!

Sheila said...

I think you're tiny! You look great!

Way to go, Brendan! As long as he keeps working like that he'll build his muscle strength in no time. He's an amazing boy and has come so far so I have no doubt that he'll continue to amaze!

April said...

Spasticity does terrible things to stamina... but he got there in the end. It's all about small steps in the right direction.