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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Can we say Spring?

I can't believe the weather this winter. I could take these winters any year. I am feeling much better today and got some errands done. We then went for a power wheel ride on this beyond gorgeous day. Makay is staying with us because she is catching the cold and grama didn't want to get sick. We went to the pharmacy, bank, walmart and stop and shop and the kids were amazing! It isn't always easy with a wheelchair but he holds onto the front of the cart and I pull from the back and off we go. They were really well behaved the whole time and didn't get on my nerves at all!

Can I vent about a very old lady STARING! I don't mean looking I mean total staring and actually turning around to continue to stare as we walked down the aisle. I swear the old people are worse than anyone else. I even looked at her and smiled and she said nothing just continued to STARE at Brendan. Yes people he is in a wheelchair and out in public ~ OH MY! I understand they grew up in a different generation..she was very old...but common sense can't tell you that kind of staring isn't polite? I often wonder why I dislike people and there is a perfect example why.

I seriously need to clean this house but this pregnancy makes me exhausted. I am done for the day right now when usually I could do all that and clean the house. It is frustrating but I know not to overwork myself. I need to keep this bean safe. My mom and possibly Aunt is coming to visit tomorrow and I really want to mop but have no energy...maybe if I rest for a bit I will regain some.


Amy said...

Glad you were able to get out and get some business accomplished. I know that weather is nice this year. We got some snow over the weekend, and I have to admit that I was happy. Emma liked playing in it. Then, it was gone the next day. That was weird. The only thing I hate about this kind of unusually warm winter is that Emma has had allergies the whole time because mold and plants have not died out like usual. Plus, we have still had some mosquitos. How weird is that--in February?

Yes, I have noticed that old people stare extraordinarily long amounts of time at Emma. What is it? Does their self-awareness and common sense decline post age 70? I have to admit that I have actually both smiled and frowned at those staring sorts when it lasted too long. Did they stop staring? Nope!

I say let the mopping wait until you feel like. I am sure your mom and aunt will totally understand. But, I know how you are--like me--cannot rest until that is done. With company coming. I always feel the pressure to mop and vaccum--even if it is just my parents. I go overboard when the in-laws come though. :)

jenny said...

ugh having relatices coe in stinks when u r not feeling well Im not pregnant but my endometriosis makes me feel really icky alot of the time just relax and if the fam doesnt understand don't let it get to u you are tired cause u are ow caring for two congrats again cant wait to see pics of the new lil bean

April said...

Stares... how I hate them!