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Friday, February 10, 2012

Special Olympics is AWESOME! & Neuro appt coming up

I am loving the winter season. A gymnastics place right in town donated their entire building for our kiddo's to use. 23 kids have joined and there is a ton of volunteers. The kids are constantly moving and doing things. Brendan has a huge smile the entire time. He has really amazing buddies who work really really hard with him.
He gets to play modified basketball, gymnastics, and do an obstacle course. Once again we don't always feel like going on a Sunday at 3pm but seeing him enjoy it so much for one full hour makes it beyond worth it. I feel like he works harder here than at therapy. I will try and post a few pics...I need to take more but there are sooo many people in there it is a bit crazy.
It is already that time. I feel like we just saw his neurologist. The big question is will she feel he needs botox???? He hasn't had botox injections since October 2010! Personally I don't think he needs it yet. We have been having him wear his ankle casts at night since PERCS and I think they are the best type of brace yet. He is still walking flat footed and his right leg isn't turning in as much and he still isn't tripping over his feet all that much. His teacher wrote me a note that he has been asking to walk a lot at school lately and they are letting him! AWESOME!


Amy said...

Oh man, I love this post. Special Olympics looks so cool. I wish Emma could get into something like that. I think it woudl be good for her self esteem, but I don't really know how much she could do. I know what you mean about those appointments rolling around so fast. I hope Brendan does not need the Botox. It doesn't sound like he does to me. That PERCS is something. I have that on my list of possibilities in the future for Emma if we need it and qualify. I can just see how much progress Brendan has made with since it, and that progress is remarkable.

Good luck at the neuro visit!

Sheila said...

I wish we had Special Olympics near us too! I want to move to your state! You have Special Olympics, a good school for Brendan and PASS workers - all things I would love to have too! It's so awesome that Brendan gets to do something he loves so much and it's therapy without him even knowing it! It must be so good for his self-esteem!

Good luck at the neuro. Those appointments are never fun!

April said...