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Monday, February 27, 2012

Back to school! One vacation to go!

Vacation is over. I was actually dreading vacation being pregnant but I made it through the whole week! I must admit I enjoyed not getting the kids off to school everyday. Brendan even let me sleep until 7 or 8 all week. Vacation was just not very exciting since three of us had colds. I wish I had the energy to take them somewhere fun like Chuck E Cheese but the thought of that place being over crowded and me being nauseous and hormonal made me second that thought. I did take them to Friendly's for an ice cream sundae one night and the girls got to spend the night at my mom's. Brendan had a fun weekend with his dad going to Monster Jam. He goes every year! For a child who jumps at his own dog barking I can't understand why he loves those loud trucks. Usually I get a text picture of him grinning ear to ear but I didn't this year. He told me dad forgot his head phones so I hope he still enjoyed it.

I am 14 and 1/2 weeks and still nauseous. I am so sick of feeling like crap! I need some energy at least for a few months! I am starting to get varicose veins on my thighs and they hurt so much. I had them really bad with bad I didn't think they would ever go away and I would need plastic surgery. I was only 22 so let me tell you I freaked out! Another reason I think it is a boy!! :) At least I know they will go away or at least they better being 32 this time! They hurt when I stand just making dinner so I am thinking the next 26 weeks or less will be the longest 26 weeks of my life.....besides my pregnancy with Brendan because that was pretty much torture the entire 33 weeks.

I am thankful for having the best husband in the world who lets me complain every day about how horrible I feel. My mom just reminds me I wanted this. Yes I want a baby but no I do not want to feel like junk my entire pregnancy with a family and house to take care of. :( If only my husband didn't work so many hours during the week. I totally need him right now but I understand that isn't possible. So I will just keep complaining and getting through one day at a time which I definitely know how to do!


jenny said...

hey all congrats on teh new adition to the family hope that the pregnancy isnt as rough as u think its gonna be hugs i ccant believe bren goes to monster truck races good lord my ears could not handle that one I am 26 and yes i still hate really lound busy situations the mall is still a no go for me most of the tim elol glad to see bren still doing so well after his surgery as well

Amy said...

Well, I think you should take advantage of the situation and complain. Hey, I do it and I am not even pregnant. Pregnancy is the one time that we can actually get pampered a little bit. It's a big job. So, I say, let em take some care of you.

Monster Jam,whoa!!! Emma would be flipping a royal lid at something like that...I think. She jumps if we shut cabinets.

Glad Brendan had a good time.

When do we know if it is a boy or girl? I think the baby is a boy. Well, it seems that way to me. Sounds like all the boy symptoms to me. My preganancy with Emma was so easy!

We take it day by day said...

Thanks Jenny! I honestly don't know how he handles those trucks. He is very sensative to noise and still has that startle reflex.

He just walked three houses down and back to pick up a friend for his sister (with me of course) but he walked great! He put his right leg forward every step. I am so proud.

Thanks Amy! I always say sorry for complaining and basically warn him it will continue for the next 26 weeks which I realized is half a year and freaked myself out. That seems so long!

Unfortunately he can't take much care of me accept on the weekends. He is gone before the kids are up and home either at dinner or after dinner time. It is all me all day.

I will schedule my anatomy scan when I see my Dr. on Thursday so the countdown will begin until we find out! I will have to add a countdown clock :O)

April said...

Like Brendan, I'm very jumpy. I could never go to an event like that.