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Thursday, August 20, 2009

My little trooper

Brendan had eye surgery to fix his strabismus in both eyes a week ago. He also had another round of botox injections. This was the shortest amount of time in between injections and I don't see the drastic improvement as I have before. His eyes look so strange now. It could be that the inner corners are still blood red and they cross now instead of drift outward. But that is all normal and his eyes should adjust and look great in a month. He was such a trooper going in for surgery. I explained that he was going to have surgery on his eyes and that he would be at the hospital and he asked "am I going to sleep there?" I said no you will come home a little while after. He said "no I want to sleep there" I asked why and it was because his Pa was sleeping at the hospital. Too cute. He was smiling and walking and chatting it up with all the nurses prior to surgery. 6 hours later I was loading him into his dad's car and he said "can I have a snack?" I was like yup he is fine!! :) He is just such an inspiration. Nothing gets him down. He is happy and funny and enjoys life with all of it's challenges.
We had the Dr. inject botox into his right pecs and other arm muscles this time. He has limited use of his right arm and hand. He uses it to assist his left arm but that is about it. Long sleeve shirts and coats are very difficult to put on and off so I am hoping we see results from this. He already seems to be less rigid and can raise his arm higher than ever before. No need for a long sleeve shirt yet but maybe I should just try it to see the difference :).
So my son just amazes me all the time. He is going to do just fine in life. I can see that already.