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Thursday, February 24, 2011

PERCS Procedure is scheduled! Toothless Mouth!

I took the plunge and scheduled this procedure for him. I am hoping it will better his life, relieve some pain, and help him walk better. He is going in on April 19th. We will travel to NJ once again. The Dr. will release his hamstrings, heal cords, give him an alochol block to help his hips and release his right arm. He said he will also get rid of his cross reflexes and the he should NOT need left hip surgery if we do this. So much for school vacation for him poor guy. He is a trooper and always come out of these things with ease so I have faith that all will go fine.

He has lost so many teeth! He is without four teeth right now and has a pretty goofy smile. He loves the tooth fairy coming which is strange because this kid is scared of Santa coming to the house on Christmas. He gets very excited and loves getting money!! I tried taking pictures but he always closes his eyes when the flash goes off so I didn't get any decent pictures.

Not much else going on. They are off from school this week so we have just been relaxing, playing, and enjoying some relax time. He got to ride his power wheels yesterday on the road so he was very excited about that. My husband hooked up a wagon on the back so all three kids got a ride.