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Monday, September 19, 2016


Well after growing over 3 inches recently Brendan needs SPML. This time we are headed to Texas where Dr. Yngve will operate on him. He is having a lot done at once but I am super excited to see him progress afterwards.

Brendan is having both hamstrings released, a left groin release with alcohol block, right pec release with alcohol block and right elbow tendon transfer. His arm will be casted for one month and then he has to wear a splint for 2 months. Sounds like a lot but it will be worth it. We will be in Texas for 6 nights. It will be the very first time I leave Lily behind. I am sad about it but I know I can't handle her on my own while he has surgery.

What is SPML:

Selective Percutaneous Myofascial Lengthening, also known as PERCS for percutaneous, is a non-traditional, orthopedic tendon/muscle lengthening/release that is minimally invasive, with minimal scarring, for children and adults.

Selective refers to select areas of tightness caused by spasticity.
Percutaneous – an instrument developed for eye surgeries is used to make small (2-3 mm) incisions in the areas of tightness/spasticity aided by a nerve block using ethanol on the obturator nerve and to make small cuts to the fascia. Percutaneous refers to a procedure performed through skin using a needle etc.
Myofascial – myo means muscle and fascia is defined as connective tissue made of collagen that covers a muscle or a group of muscles.
Lengthening – surgically creating a relaxation or lengthening of a muscle.

Brendan was able to attend an abilities expo and tested out the Max Mobility this past weekend. I met with his PT and we are about ready to order it. Fingers crossed insurance covers it and we have it within 6 months!!

He has outgrown his walker at school so I sent in his new croc walker that we use at home so now he has a walker without any supports there as well. He is also walking more at school. He walks to classes, to lunch, to the bathroom and two laps around his floor per day. This will definitely help him. He has been tired lately especially for work outs and walking at home and this must be why. Dr. Park always says walk, walk, walk so I am so glad school is on board. They are also renovating the bathroom for him because the accessible stall is really not very accessible. His teacher is really amazing and gets things done!

Life is crazy as usual. It never stops especially raising a special needs child. I can't believe I have been doing this for almost 14 years! I have learned so much and we have been through almost everything but he is doing amazing this year. SDR not only helps their mobility but it transforms them. Brendan speaks more articulately, has improved sentence structure and is able to ask different questions. His brain is either thinking differently or he is able to ask what he is actually thinking. He is happier, calmer, he enjoys working out and is overall easier to raise right now. I am thrilled with my decision. It is a very long and exhausting road for everyone of us but it is worth it.