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Monday, August 29, 2011

School starts in 3 Days!

Wow this summer flew by. We will have two second graders this year. My youngest won't start Kindergarten for another two years because her Birthday falls on September 20th! She is so smart so I feel like she will be bored with school so I am going to try and fight for her to go next year but I think it is highly unlikely I will win.

We have been busy bees as always. Brendan went on vacation with his father last week to NH. He goes every year. I decided to take the girls on a road trip since my husband has been working so late every night. It is hard to do some things with Brendan so while I felt really guilty I knew he was having fun with his dad. I also really wanted to take my youngest to an amusement park. She hasn't really gotten to go. We brought the other two a few times and she was really young and doesn't remember and couldn't ride on much. So off to Sesame Place we went for two nights. It was a great time. It did rain the entire first day but that meant no lines. We rode every single ride multiple times. The water slides were a lot of fun. I loved watching my youngest enjoiy everything. She even danced in the parade! She is so cute and loves to dance. She is very outgoing, will do anything type of kid. The one we need to watch out for when she is a teen! I love that she is outgoing because I was a super shy kid like my stepdaughter who wouldn't go dance in the parade and then wished she did. I so know how you feel kid! It was a great girls trip and I am so glad I went because my youngest had reactions that were priceless. I could have rode the roller coaster all day just to watch her face and here her laughter. She put her hands up in the air for the entire ride every single time! OH BOY!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Out and About

Since we have gotten the new rampvan I have been out and about so much with the kids. It really makes small trips seem less daunting. It doesn't wear me out physically and Bren is really happing riding in it.

My husband got a new job and has been out really late all week. He got home after 8pm twice and who knows when he will be home today. He leaves by 7am so I am having some very long days with the kids. Brendan's ADHD was horrible this week too so he was testing me often! Today I took the kids to bumper boats and we got drenched but it was alot of fun.

Monday, August 15, 2011

It has been a while! AND an Exciting Purchase!

I feel like since the kids got out of school I haven't had any time for myself let alone computer time. I apologize for the lack of posts lately.

Brendan's elbow is still healing! I can't believe how long it is taking. So far so good but his father told me it did start bleeding over the weekend so I am worried.

We just got back from our camping vacation this past week. We went to a luxery campground called Pine Acres in Oakham MA. It was a good time. It rained alot and I was so thankful we had our pop up camper this year. I went outside and sunk in about a foot of water and really couldn't imagine having a tent to sleep in during those conditions. The only downside is that the rain is beyond loud hitting the popup and my husband and I were wide awake for hours. At least we were dry!

We broke down and bought a handicap accessible van! I am so excited. I am still in the process of registering but Brendan gets to ride in it today for the first time. It should be interesting and it is raining but I am excited to not have to lift up that wheelchair into the back of our old van any longer. It is a Toyota Sienna and the van is amazing! The front seats come out so he can either drive when he is older and capable (not looking forward to this!) or sit next to me as a passenger in his wheelchair. We chose the one without carpet. It has a pretty cool floor that won't get all dirty and nasty from his wheels. I love it so far but ask me after today how I really feel about it! I just hope I can attach him into it on my own! I am a bit nervous.