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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I hate Christmas!!! Deal of the week :)

I am starting to hate Christmas as I get older!! JUST KIDDING.... Actually I just hate buying pointless gifts. I love spending time with the family and having holiday spirit. I love seeing the kids get all excited. I love having a real tree. I am even starting my own Santa's village this year. I remember how much I loved them at my grandmother's house when I was a kid. Now my kids can enjoy it.

3 months after Makayla was born we were broke so for Christmas gifts I just made everyone a basket with some mugs, hot chocolate, and homemade goodies like truffles chocolate dipped pretzels, fudge etc. They were a hit and it they seemed so personal. I really enjoyed making everything for everyone. Compared to buying gifts for 5 families it really eased the stress of spending money we didn't have. I haven't really done that since but feel like doing it this year. Actually, I am doing it but I am also giving some other gifts along with the baskets, especially for my mom since my dad won't be here to spoil her at all.

It adds up so fast and I have already used so many credit cards and it stresses me out! We spend way to much on our kids but my husband just says but they are OUR KIDS!! He never thinks their piles are big enough and always makes me go and buy more. I feel like our house is exploding with toys and now we will have even more. He was very spoiled as a child and I can't say that I wasn't but I think everything costs so much today. In total we buy for my mom, sister and her husband, his parents, his sister and baby, and 3 nephew's and nieces plus I am sending a package to my nephew who is deployed during Christmas. No wonder it adds up! I guess I never thought one gift was enough because I always go overboard. I really really need to stop that mentality. I am trying this year....I really am! How much do you spend? I used to just give $20 to the older niece and nephews but the last year I started being more personal but it definitely cost more!

I got some free stuff at Target this week! I love the drug store deals but I love getting products for free just by using coupons so much more!! You have to print Target coupons (off their website) and combine them with manufacturers coupons to get things for FREE! Here is what I got: 3 TGIF frozen meals for one FOR FREE, 5 travel Johnson & Johnson first aid kits FOR FREE (well I actually made $.15), 4 bags of Purina cat treats for FREE (well I actually made $.32), and 1 Rimmel eye shadow for FREE.
TGIF were on sale $1.99 use $1 T coupon and $1 M coupon to make $.01
First aid kit just use $1 M coupon and make $.03 each
Purina Cat treats B1G1 T coupon and $1.50 off two Purina cat treats coupon and make $.16 on two bags
Rimmel eye shadow $1.52 use $1 T coupon and $1 M coupon combined with overage from products I just bought made it free!

I now have 7 bags of Purina Cat Treats to donate to our local animal shelter and am so excited to do this!!