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Friday, December 12, 2014

School Dance, Amazing People and SDR Surgery Update

Well Brendan had a blast at the school dance. He walked in his walker for the entire night and told his aide whom took him not to stay too close. Typical preteen. His aide took pictures all night which was awesome because I could spy on him. Girls were dancing with him and at one point a large group of kids surrounded him dancing and singing to "Call me maybe". She got a video of that one and it melted my heart. My husband is always afraid that it will change as these kids grow up and mature but so far it isn't changing. His teacher still sends me pictures of kids surrounding him and helping him and helping him. I am very thankful we get to grow up in this day in age where disabled children are accepted.

There are some AMAZING people in this world. We have been fundraising to help us offset the costs of Brendan's SDR surgery and have set up a go fund me account and have sold hundreds of candy bars. Word spreads and somehow this amazing group of women decided to have a yard sale and donate all funds to Brendan. We were blown away. One woman had just lost her husband and he loved to go to yard sales and they decided to honor him and raise money for people in need and they chose Brendan for the first donation. How amazing is that? To top it off they just had a 2nd yard sale that we had no clue about and raised another substantial amount of money. We also just heard they are having a party and all funds raised from drinks are being donated to Brendan. We are not the type of people who ever ask for help. I have honestly never asked my parents for financial assistance and have been living on my own since I was 17. We have a very hard time accepting help offered even just helping out with our 4 kids. We have been offered free help at our consignment shop that we own by people who have become our friends and we have the hardest time saying yes. So having people do this for us is beyond overwhelming. I feel as though we don't deserve it but you know what? Brendan does! He deserves this surgery and he deserves for us to be less stressed out and for his mom and nana to stay with him for 3 weeks and start out on the best path possible.

His school has also been amazing and is selling candy bars for us. They also raffled off a Christmas Tree which one of his teachers made and donated the money raised. They are also having a hat day where kids get to wear a hat all day if they donate $1. This whole community is amazing and I am so happy we decided to raise our children here. I knew I loved this town.

Well I have finally booked all airplane flights and hotels for Brendan's surgery. Brendan and I will be in St. Louis for 22 days. His father will be there for 8 nights and my mom is joining me the day after he leaves to help out with the baby. Brendan will have therapy once a day for two weeks after surgery and then we come home! I can't believe how fast it is approaching. I am still a little excited but the nerves will probably kick in soon!

If you want to donate this is his site: