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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Picture Day! I am huge!

We are leaving soon for Makayla's pictures. Her hair came out exactly how I wanted. She looks too cute! Can't wait to see how they come out.

I wrote a letter today to get her into Kindergarten. She missed the cut off by 20 days and she is so ready to start! I will most likely have to get 3 kids off to school with a newborn at home. That doesn't sound easy. I better get that baby on a feeding schedule asap.

Brendan walked three houses down and back to the pick up Makayla's friend yesterday afternoon. He looked great! I wish I had my phone and took some pictures. He pulled his right foot all the way through every step. I couldn't believe how good he looked. I just wish had more stamina. He was so tired. He almost didn't make it back all the way. I motivated him and we did make it. I can't carry him!! I just wish he could gain more leg muscle and walk all day like most kids. His right leg doesn't turn out as much either and he can walk easier.

I feel huge!! This pregnancy has made me pop instantly. I have only gained 3 1/2 pounds but I feel llike I look 6 months pregnant! I have a long way to go so I hope I am not a huge whale by the end. I escaped stretch marks with my last two babies so I hope I can do the same with this one!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Accomplished a lot today

It is amazing what you can accomplish when you sit down at the table and don't move for hours. I had my computer, my cell phone, paper, a big list of what to accomplish. Makayla was great as always and drew pictures, played on the computer, and played Guess Who by herself while I made a ton of phone calls.

It is easy to fall behind and put things off to another day. I seem to do better when I have a list in front of me. I like crossing things off.

One thing I need to do is call Braunability. They helped Toyota build the accessible van but when there is a problem the Toyota dealership says it isn't covered by the warrenty. This is not true and I need it sorted out before Friday. It is going in for an oil change and a recall but I also want to bring up an issue. Every time my husband drives the airbags don't work when he turns the van on. It has never happened to me but every weekend he drives and it happens. He turns off the van and turns it back on and usually the airbags turn on. It is so strange. I don't want to pay for this to be fixed. I am sure they will say this was caused due to the conversion but if Toyota works with Braunability to build these vans everything should be covered under warrenty! Why do I have to pay for anything on a brand new vehicle?

Makayla goes for her 4 year pictures tomorrow. Yes I am 5 months behind but hey she is still 4! We picked out a brand new outfit and shoes so she should look adorable.

Thursday is Brendan's neurology appointment. Let's all hope she says he still doesn't need Botox! I think he may not yet again, thanks to PERCS. Going on 15 months with no Botox injections!!!!

I just thought of a few phone calls I forgot to make. I better start another list for next week. I really need a will. I need a new orthopedic for him and I need to check on all that equipment I ordered for him! Darn 3 more phone calls. :)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Back to school! One vacation to go!

Vacation is over. I was actually dreading vacation being pregnant but I made it through the whole week! I must admit I enjoyed not getting the kids off to school everyday. Brendan even let me sleep until 7 or 8 all week. Vacation was just not very exciting since three of us had colds. I wish I had the energy to take them somewhere fun like Chuck E Cheese but the thought of that place being over crowded and me being nauseous and hormonal made me second that thought. I did take them to Friendly's for an ice cream sundae one night and the girls got to spend the night at my mom's. Brendan had a fun weekend with his dad going to Monster Jam. He goes every year! For a child who jumps at his own dog barking I can't understand why he loves those loud trucks. Usually I get a text picture of him grinning ear to ear but I didn't this year. He told me dad forgot his head phones so I hope he still enjoyed it.

I am 14 and 1/2 weeks and still nauseous. I am so sick of feeling like crap! I need some energy at least for a few months! I am starting to get varicose veins on my thighs and they hurt so much. I had them really bad with bad I didn't think they would ever go away and I would need plastic surgery. I was only 22 so let me tell you I freaked out! Another reason I think it is a boy!! :) At least I know they will go away or at least they better being 32 this time! They hurt when I stand just making dinner so I am thinking the next 26 weeks or less will be the longest 26 weeks of my life.....besides my pregnancy with Brendan because that was pretty much torture the entire 33 weeks.

I am thankful for having the best husband in the world who lets me complain every day about how horrible I feel. My mom just reminds me I wanted this. Yes I want a baby but no I do not want to feel like junk my entire pregnancy with a family and house to take care of. :( If only my husband didn't work so many hours during the week. I totally need him right now but I understand that isn't possible. So I will just keep complaining and getting through one day at a time which I definitely know how to do!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Can we say Spring?

I can't believe the weather this winter. I could take these winters any year. I am feeling much better today and got some errands done. We then went for a power wheel ride on this beyond gorgeous day. Makay is staying with us because she is catching the cold and grama didn't want to get sick. We went to the pharmacy, bank, walmart and stop and shop and the kids were amazing! It isn't always easy with a wheelchair but he holds onto the front of the cart and I pull from the back and off we go. They were really well behaved the whole time and didn't get on my nerves at all!

Can I vent about a very old lady STARING! I don't mean looking I mean total staring and actually turning around to continue to stare as we walked down the aisle. I swear the old people are worse than anyone else. I even looked at her and smiled and she said nothing just continued to STARE at Brendan. Yes people he is in a wheelchair and out in public ~ OH MY! I understand they grew up in a different generation..she was very old...but common sense can't tell you that kind of staring isn't polite? I often wonder why I dislike people and there is a perfect example why.

I seriously need to clean this house but this pregnancy makes me exhausted. I am done for the day right now when usually I could do all that and clean the house. It is frustrating but I know not to overwork myself. I need to keep this bean safe. My mom and possibly Aunt is coming to visit tomorrow and I really want to mop but have no energy...maybe if I rest for a bit I will regain some.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Vacation and sick! Make your Guess!

Brendan and I have horrible colds and feel like junk. Makayla seems to be coming down with it as well. Brendan coughed so much during lunch he then threw up his lunch. YUCK! My head pounds every time I stand up. The kids are on vacation this week and I haven't done anything in two days. I couldn't even make it to the grocery store so thank goodness for my stock pile. I think it is pancakes tonight. Once I think about a certain food I have to have it. DH said to just order pizza but I don't want pizza I want pancakes!

We had a very lazy day of computers, wii games, and t.v. I have ZERO motivation. I did manage to do some laundry and shower but that is about it.

Grama offered to have the girls tomorrow and my mom might take them Thursday so I could just be Brendan and I. Hope we will feel somewhat better so we can actually leave the house, at least go for a bike ride or something.

I added a poll for fun. You can guess boy or girl. I have been super sick, I am not gaining much weight and my stomach seems to be a basketball so far, I have headaches, I did not go through a super emotional stage....11 people guess boy based on the nub theory from an ultrasound picture. I will post the picture on my blog. Have fun! I should find out in less than 6 weeks.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Already Therapy time! Exhausted and NT Scan!

It is somehow already Thursday. Another 3 hour ordeal of therapy. He is in the pool tonight which is harder for me and it takes even longer.....I can't wait! I am so exhausted all the time. I know this baby has to be a boy because I haven't stopped feeling horrible since 6 weeks. I do get a day here and there where I feel pretty good but the exhaustion never stops! This is my first pregnancy not working so I should feel great! Boys just take their toll on me. It seriously better be a boy! :) The baby measured ahead so I am technically 13 weeks. I am ready for the 2nd trimester energy to kick in...not sure it will. I never felt good with Brendan so I am starting to think this feeling won't go away until he is born. I complain so much to my poor husband but it is so hard feeling so bad with 3 kids and a house to take care of. I told him this is the LAST baby....I am so glad I will feel done! I already feel done. haha 1/3 of the way there!
I had my NT scan yesterday and everything looked great to me. I don't know the results yet. The baby was moving his arms and legs and flipping over. I loved seeing the baby move and think about how he is doing that right inside of me. I can't wait to feel the movement. Heartbeat is 159 which is great. 4-6 more weeks til the gender reveal!
I had Brendan's Parent teacher conference last night. His teacher said he is progressing which is always good. The kids love him and he is asking to walk more. He gets to walk into the typical classroom in the morning and I guess all the kids love seeing him walk in in his walker. I love his school. :) We are still struggling big time with attention issues and I know this is hugely impacting his learning. I just don't know what else to do. He is on medication and they try many tactics to help him but he is so far behind. I try not to worry and let him learn at his own pace. I am sure one day he will amaze me as he always does! I told him he can't drive unless he learns to read....I think that may have hit a nerve with him. He brought his book to me last night and said he wanted to read it. Oh ya, cars and driving will motivate this child!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Special Olympics is AWESOME! & Neuro appt coming up

I am loving the winter season. A gymnastics place right in town donated their entire building for our kiddo's to use. 23 kids have joined and there is a ton of volunteers. The kids are constantly moving and doing things. Brendan has a huge smile the entire time. He has really amazing buddies who work really really hard with him.
He gets to play modified basketball, gymnastics, and do an obstacle course. Once again we don't always feel like going on a Sunday at 3pm but seeing him enjoy it so much for one full hour makes it beyond worth it. I feel like he works harder here than at therapy. I will try and post a few pics...I need to take more but there are sooo many people in there it is a bit crazy.
It is already that time. I feel like we just saw his neurologist. The big question is will she feel he needs botox???? He hasn't had botox injections since October 2010! Personally I don't think he needs it yet. We have been having him wear his ankle casts at night since PERCS and I think they are the best type of brace yet. He is still walking flat footed and his right leg isn't turning in as much and he still isn't tripping over his feet all that much. His teacher wrote me a note that he has been asking to walk a lot at school lately and they are letting him! AWESOME!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

1 hour therapy is a 3 hour ordeal!

I sometimes dread therapy. Some weeks it is at 4 and others 5pm. There are positives and negatives to both times. Therapy is 40 minutes away in the city so if it starts at 4pm I have to pick up both kids from school early. I leave at 2:40pm grab Chloe and head to Brendan's school for 3pm. We get to therapy about 3:45 and get in and settled. Therapy is until 5pm and we get home at 5:45 just in time for dinner. I try to cook ahead of time on therapy days. If it is at 5pm I get to stay home until they get home from school and leave at 4:15 but we don't get home until basically 7 PM due to traffic or if he has aquatherapy. We still have to eat dinner and I am beyond exhausted. Today is a 4pm day and I was sitting here dreading leaving in 9 minutes for a 3 hour ordeal so he can get one (if we are lucky one full hour) of therapy. Some days I wonder why I bother since 30 minutes is just stretching and if he is in a bad mood we almost get nothing accomplished. What 9 year old wants to go do physical work after being in school all day???

And yet again this is a reminder of how different lives can be with a disabled child. I think I would much rather take him to soccer right down the street!!!! Thank goodness I love him with all my heart and will do anything and everything I can for him because some days I just don't want to!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I know I have been MIA!!! Sorry!

I have been totally out of commission because I am FINALLY pregnant!!! I am almost 12 weeks. This baby has been wanted since my 4 year old turned 1 but it wasn't the right time. When it was the right time it just wasn't working out in my favor and after 3 horrible losses and years of trying we are finally having a successful pregnancy! This is the very last baby in our household and it is already kicking my butt. I am thinking it is a boy. Brendan's pregnancy was far worse but Makayla was so easy. I am constantly nauseous and beyond exhausted...which may be due to having 3 kids to take care of along with growing this human. I am so thrilled it finally happened but I am ready for it to be August! I am having a very hard time functioning. I had a good week but today is one awful reminder of how I felt for 5 long weeks.

Brendan is doing well. I am hiring a PASS worker and can NOT wait until she starts...which should be soon. I am still taking him to hippotherapy, aquatherapy and Special Olympics weekly so that can also be challenging. We got to go for a bike ride the other day and he did so well for not riding for a few months. He was so excited to go and I can't believe the weather was warm enough in FEBRUARY to go for a bike ride. I am not complaining about this winter at all! I am hoping the weather stays decent for school vacation which I am dreading. I am not sure how I will handle these kids all day feeling like I do. Maybe just maybe the sickness will be gone by then???

It has been just about 5 months since my dad passed and I still can't think about him without crying. Part of my problem is that I just think about how he died and how awful his last few years of life were. I need to get past that and think about the good times. It is very hard but as time goes on I am sure it will get easier.

My sister is pregnant with me! I think that is pretty neat. We are keeping my mom busy that's for sure. I am happy she has two little things to keep her mind busy. She is already shopping for baby furniture for her house :). My sister is only 6 weeks ahead of me so my mom is thinking of taking the summer off to help us out. That would be nice. She is due in July and I am due in August - if I make it that far-.

Due to my past I need progesterone injections starting at 16 weeks and I will have monthly ultrasounds after 20 weeks. Maybe I will have a full term baby afterall! I will try to update more often. I am trying to get out of this pregnancy haze I have been stuck in. I am so thankful to finally be pregnant but I don't think I thought it completely through having 3 children and one being disabled! It is NOT easy. It probably doesn't help my husband is gone from 6:30am until 6:30 pm or later. It is all me all day. Thank goodness my 4 year old is 'taking care of me' and even lets me nap when I need to. She is beyond sweet. We just told the kids last week and they are all very very excited!