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Friday, October 22, 2010

Botox, CoCO Keys, Serial Casts, and a new Wheelchair!! OH MY

Well the fun never stops in our house! Brendan had another round of botox treatments done last week. He was a trooper as always but was very nervous this time. He didn't want to be put to sleep and he was crying but the Dr. calmed him down and side tracked him with some bubble gum scented anesthesia..yum! I had to leave my boy under someone else's care as I often have to do and wait. I am very used to waiting at this point! It always takes longer than you would expect but they called and everything went great! He did not want to wake up BUT I think that was a good thing because I just sat next to him while he slept it off for the next 2 hours and he was NOT cranky when he woke up AND HE NEVER THREW UP!!! This is the first time in years I can remember him not throwing up after anesthesia. I think we were both happy about that!
The following weekend we took the kids to CoCo Key Water Resort for some fun! The kids had a great time but let me tell you that my 44lb boy is not light! We like him to be able to do the same as the other kids so we carried him up 4 flights of stairs along with inner tubes to go down the water slides. HE LOVED IT!!! He was so excited because he had to go down all on his own. Every single time he came out the bottom he would say " I did it all by myself". He was so proud of himself. He didn't fall out once and would just sit in his tube at the bottom and wait for someone to help him get out. It was a process but so worth it!! He loves doing things every other kid does!
Only 2 days later it was time for serial casts. He was nervous going in and wasn't thrilled about being casted but a pretty girl named April starte talking to him and that just turned his whole personality around and he was amazing through the entire casting process which takes over an hour. He also got fitted for his new wheelchair that day. I have never seen a child more happy about getting a wheelchair which sure does help my sprit. I never wanted to order another wheelchair for him but the day came where I knew we had to. :( He got to pick the color and blue it is! He is not too bad at wheeling it around considering his right arm and hand are much worse off. It is hard for him to go straight but if you just leave him in a room he is able to manuever all around and he always has a great big grin on his face! I love seeing him happy. He always has to go through so much in his life and he always handles it with ease. He makes everything easier on me just being him! Love ya buddy!!!! I will post pictures soon!