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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Why I can't be lazy

Brendan is content to sit in his wheelchair all day long. It is a fight when I even take him out for some floor play. He loves his chair and how can you blame him?! It is his independence. He can wheel around the entire first floor and do whatever he wants to do. The past two days I got a big reality check.

It all started because I decided to take him for a walk every day. Meaning get his lazy butt into his walker and walk down the street and back. It sounds simple but it is a LOT of work for this kid. He needs to build some muscles and I have been too lazy with him allowing him not to walk. It has been hard caring for a newborn but Drew is almost a year (ALREADY!)and it is time I learn how to do it all with all 4 kids. His PASS worker just had a baby so she is out for the summer. I am on my own with 4 kids and I have to be productive or we will all be sitting in the house all day. It won't be easy with a baby and a disabled child but I am determined to have a great summer.

My husband joined me on these walks and decided Brendan should transfer into his wheelchair from his walker all on his own and you know what? He did it! It took him a while. I actually had tears in my eyes watching him. This is huge. Self transfer is HUGE! Tonight we had him transfer into his walker from his chair and he did it and pretty damn quickly for his first time. Transferring and walking took over 30 minutes and then he was still able to get into his wheelchair on his own and in less than 2 minutes!

So I realized quickly that if I am not lazy who knows how far this child can go! He can do it. He is getting older and he is gaining muscle mass in those arms. He tells us when he is scared and we talk him through it. I am beyond proud and kicking myself in the a** a little for not pushing him more over the last year. Being pregnant didn't help since I was pretty useless but I am back to myself and ready to get this kid motivated!