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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another Surgery

Well Brendan was a trooper yet again. He had surgery last week. He had major hip surgery in December 2007 and they had to remove the hardware. They had to make his original incision longer because he has grown so much BUT it looks great. They removed some excess skin that made the scar very prominent so I think once it heals it will look a little better. Not that it really matters. He can tell people all about his battle scars one day! I bet he could impress a lady one day :). He really understood what was going on this time. He was not happy about going in for surgery. As the nurse was lifting him onto the surgical table he yelled "I don't want surgery!" I was so sad for him. It was the first time I have ever seen him go under and this was #6. I have always had his dad take him. I have dreaded, feared, refused to do it! Well his dad was running late this time and guess who had to get in those gorgeous scrubs they supply. That would be me in a one piece suit that could have fit 4 of me! I was so nervous but had to be strong for my boy. He fought the anesthesia. he didn't want the mask near him. A very smart Dr. suggested bubblegum flavor to help him succumb to the drug and his ears popped right up. Once he got one wiff he calmed down (after trying to lick the mask) and was snoring before his eyes were closed all the way.
I think this was the shortest surgery yet!! The Dr. was greeting us in less than 2 hours! Everything went great and he could go home if he was doing well. That was around 9:15am and we were driving home by Noon!! He was awake and happy after vomitting all over himself once we started driving. We just have to accept that Brendan will vomit after anesthesia whether he has anti nausea or not!! I was just talking to my husband how he was doing good when I see my child touch his throat and say "mom I'm gonna throw up". Well thank goodness his dad had handed me a vomit bin (although extremely small in size) before we left because Brendan almost caught it all! I was impressed. The last time this happened he was holding the vomit bin up and to the left of his head and not a drop made it in. This time most went in! So we pulled over dumped it out and continued on our way while Brendan asked for lunch!
He was chipper and happy and talkative. My mom came to visit and he was so happy. He was talking her ear off and told her she was bringing him out for ice cream and I was staying home. Little did he know I was coming so I could lift him! :) So after a nap on the couch with mom (we had been up since 4am) and some dinner we went out for ice cream. He was tired by this point and didn't eat much but he was happy to be there.
He has been doing geat since. A few days of pain and "mommy don't hurt my booboo" and he was back to his old self. He even seems happier. I am starting to wonder if that hip did bother him. I guess only time will tell but for now I am enjoying my boy. He can not walk or even stand for another 3 weeks and I feel awful he just has to sit on his butt for a month but I guess that is the price you have to pay so his hip can heal and become strong again.
I am anxious to see if his walking improves and if he winces less. I am hoping he gains something out of this one. So 6 down and how many to go? We may never know. I do know I was the least stressed out about this surgery and I have learned to control my anxiety. Maybe I am just saving all of for his heart surgery that is coming up. Two days after his surgery Boston called to schedule his sedated heart cath. I basically said I will have to call you son just had surgery! I am still not ready for that even though I have known it was in his future since he was less than a year old!