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Monday, January 25, 2010

SDR update

Well after a few new Dr. appointments we have been told that SDR is not for Brendan. A specialist in MA feels that once we take away all of Brendan's tone he will actually regress and not progress. Some children with CP rely on their tone to be mobile. Brendan happens to be one of those children which is very unfortunate. I guess it is somewhat bittersweet because SDR is not something I wanted to put my child through and wasn't even sure if I was mentally strong enough to actually go through with it but in the end it seemed like it would make Brendan's future easier and less painful.

We still haven't given up completely. We can still fly to St. Louis and listen to what Dr. Park has to say regarding the surgery. We are also going to try a baclofen pump trial to see how Brendan's body would really act without having any tone. The procedure is a spinal tap and risks are involved but at least we will have a better sense at what SDR would do to his body.

Unfortunately we have to wait a while before trying the pump trial. Brendan only weighs 39 lbs which is on the small side. He also has 2 surgeries coming up. He needs to have screws removed from his hip that have been in since his right hip osteotomy in December 2007. He risks infection since they have to take them out of his bone. He also needs to have the 3 holes in his heart closed. He will be having a sedated heart cath in July which will determine if my little boy needs open heart surgery or if his tissue can handle a MUCH less evasive and simpler procedure to close the holes. Obviously his little body can only handle so much in a year so we have to make those two surgeries priority. He tends to lose weight after surgery as well so he will be even smaller. He dropped to 27lbs after his hip surgery.

So many decisions all the time for my little man. I haven't even gotten to his cortical visual impairment update but that will have to be another day.

I will try and post new pictures soon. He is getting tall and very hard for me to lift as I am only 5'1"!! I am fortunate that he doesn't weigh very much yet!! :)

January 2010

WOW it is 2010. It looks strange, it sounds strange. I can't believe how fast time is going by. Brendan is 7 years old. He is constantly telling me "mommy I'm so big, I'm not little anymore, right?" He loves getting big. He has been doing very well lately. He is always progressing in his speech. He is talking in fairly clear sentences. He is correcting his own words that sound a bit off. He can say the sound F for the first time this past week. It is very exciting. He still needs a reminder but if you ask him to say a word that starts with f...he can!!! It brings tears to my eyes. He has come so far. At the age of 2 he said one word, bye. That is because he loved when therapists and doctors were done and he would shout BYE!!! I am pretty sure (my memory is fading) that he didn't say much more until the age of 4. He could say a few words here and there but not much so to think at age 7 he would be speaking (fairly clear) full sentences is truley amazing. I am thankful he is always progressing in all areas.

He is getting stronger and stronger as the years go by and he loves it! He now asks to put the forks on the table for dinner so I hand him 5 forks and while in his walker, he holds onto those 5 forks and walks to the table and puts a fork at each place. As I see him struggle to walk around each chair and get that fork onto the table he has the biggest smile plastered on his face. You can tell he is so proud of himself. He likes to 'help' make dinner and lunches. Now his helping is constantly wheeling over my toes in that walker or eating everything we take out for lunches but he loves it and it makes him feel big. He can now open the dishwasher and fridge doors in his walker without falling onto the floor. He can flip on and off light switches without struggling. This only too a few weeks to master. I don't even get nervous he will crash to the floor anymore. He is getting confident and strong and I love it!!!

I just can't believe he is 7. That just sounds so old. I think of the past 7 years and how difficult some days have been, how much he has been through, how much he has endured, and of course how much he has progressed. He is always such a trooper. He is a fighter and he gets through every procedure and surgery without much setback. He is the type of child who flirts with all the nurses in his scrubs and is smiling and walking around in his walker thinking he owns the place until he is put under. He is amazing!!