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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Baby Drew is here and already 4 weeks!

My life has been crazy~in a good way! 4 weeks has absolutely flown by. I surprised myself and adjusted immediately. I wasn't sure how having a newborn would be with my youngest practically 5 years old but I guess parenthood is like riding a never forget. I really enjoy it, more than I thought I would. I think I am treasuring every moment because I know he is my last. This is really my last baby and it is somewhat bittersweet. He was wanted for years and he is finally here after a horrible pregnancy. I feel very fortunate to have made it 38 weeks and to hold him in my arms when I know not everyone gets that dream fulfilled. Drew fits right into our family. I am so in love with my little guy. He is a really good baby. He came into this world on August 16th at 3:35pm and was 7lbs 14 ounces!! Labor wasn't all that bad because I got the epidural. I was in so much pain already at 3cm and I hit 6cm fast and furiously. Delivery was a great experience. The Dr. was so busy delivering other babies that a midwife delivered him and we did delayed cord clamping...something I had researched and really wanted. We got to bond with Drew for a long time before they took him away to do anything. It was very special and am so happy I was able to experience it. I am pretty sure he is already over 10lbs now, he eats like a champ. He is going to follow suit and become super chubby like the other kids at a few months old. The kids absolutely adore him and are very helpful.
I will try and blog more but between the family business and having 4 children (still sounds crazy to me!) I have little time for myself. I am pretty much non stop from morning til night but in a weird way I love it! Interesting little fact: All of my children were born on a Thursday afternoon. I just think that is neat. Makayla and Drew were born within minutes of each other.